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    What people are saying about Archaide

    "I came into this whole thing with absolutely ZERO background knowledge about investing. I signed up and onboarded... with a little research, I am up 27% in 3 months without even checking my phone! I can't thank Archaide enough!" 

    Maria B.

    "I used to study investing and trading a lot, but life got in the way... Now I am working 80-100 hours per week and can't find the time to trade. But Archaide changed all of that. Now my trading strategy is on autopilot and I have made ~$3K in 4 weeks... AUTOMATICALLY!"

    Dalton H.

    "Talk about starting from nothing... I didn't even know what a stock was! Now I am using the same strategies and technology that they use on Wall Street! But more importantly, I am outperforming them! I highly recommend Archaide!" 

    Carmen S.

    "I work long hours as a Real Estate professional and can't find the time to make the money I make on commissions grow. Archaide helped me put my trading strategy on autopilot and has saved me from losing a single dollar in 2022 (where everyone else has lost -20%)!"

    Jacob W.

    "The dashboard looks great and I learned priceless information about the market and what can be done with technology!" 

    Wesley Tay

    Wesley T.

    "If I was to give Archaide a grade from 1 to 10... I'd definitely give them a 12/10. Archaide is full of true professionals and gave me a strong understanding of strategies because I knew nothing in the beginning."


    Allan N.

    "Archaide is a very professional company. The schedule was respected, and they're good communicators. I recommend their work and will continue working with them."

    Brain M.

    "The Archaide staff are very talented. They helped me finish my trading bot with professionalism and patience. They were easy to talk to and understood our needs completely. They did a great job! We are very happy with them. I strongly recommend them to everyone."

    Emily T.

    "The Archaide staff is full of very nice people. They completed my trading bot perfectly and more. No problems with revision and fixing any problem with the trading bot. They are the best. Thank you."

    Chris A.

    "Archaide had a really hard job, and they did a good job. I would definitely rehire them for another algo trading bot."

    David S.

    "The Archaide staff are very good people and knowledgeable about trading and software engineering. They know what they're doing. Will hire them again!"

    Ryan M.

    "Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with Archaide's work, their dedication, and professionalism. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a skilled and reliable trading bot developer. I look forward to working with them again on future projects."

    Sarah T.

    "Archaide's team are excellent for NinjaTrader development and are strong traders. I will definitely hire them again for future projects."

    John D.

    "The Archaide staff has a great grasp of trading bot development and price action. They are not only versed with coding knowledge but will get involved with your strategy. I believe that they will arrive at their goal and launch a game changing trading platform."

    Matthew E.

    "I tried hiring contractors before coming to Archiade. This was the best experience I have had. I will definitely work with Archaide again in the future and highly recommend them."

    Olivia G.

    "Archaide is a great company to work with. They are very knowledgeable about order flow and trading in general. I will rehire them for our next project."

    Bill T.

    "I'm happy with Archaide's work. They're educated, smart, and responsible. I plan to work with them for my next NinjaTrader trading bot development project."

    Michael J.

    "Archaide is very good and did the work in a timely manner and provided good feedback in meetings."

    Tom T.

    "Archaide was extremely professional and efficient."

    Chris W.

    "Archaide was great. They went above and beyond. I appreciate the work they put in and the communication. I hope to use them again in the future. And I would recommend anyone who is thinking about using them to do so."

    Robert B.

    "Excellent company; very skilled. Really needed expert help, and Archaide came through for us. Thanks, and we appreciate the work they've done. Will work with them again."

    Ben C.

    "If I was there, I'd kiss the team at Archaide. They built my strategy EXACTLY as I wanted it. 5 of my friends want to use my bot now!"

    Thomas S.

    "Fellas. The bot is UNBELIEVABLE. I’m not joking. The script is unlike anything else that is out there. We really need to tread carefully because it is literally worth millions as it is right now hahahaha" 

    Jeremy L.

    "I should have done this 6 months ago... I don't know what I was waiting for! All my friends are jealous and my partner loves me!"